Program Overview

Progress House, Inc. has eleven separate sites located throughout the western slope of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range and in the rich agricultural Central Valley of California. Services are currently offered in El Dorado and Yolo counties.

We believe that the atmosphere in our facilities strategically located for their serenity and rural nature has proven to be an effective environment for recovery. We offer a continuum of care for individuals and families that includes a variety of residential treatment facilities, non-residential (outpatient) counseling services and transitional living homes. All of our facilities are appropriately licensed and certified by the State of California, Department of Health Care Services.

Based upon each individual’s alcohol and other drugs needs assessment, we can work with them to assist them in identifying where they need to be on the continuum and which location would work best for them to give them best opportunity for successful recovery.

Our staff is a group of caring and concerned professionals with who understand the devastating effects from substance use disorder with the individual, the family unit, and all those that care for the person seeking treatment.






Detox Center for Men

(530) 748-3706
Open 24/7

In the heart of the gold rush territory just off of Highway 49 is our Detox Center for Men. Our detox is a non-medical facility for men only.

Progress House, Inc. offers detoxification services in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment. Detoxification services are anywhere from 7 to 20 days depending on the substance used, and length and frequency of use. Length of stay will be determined by a Certified Substance Use disorder Counselor using the Addiction Severity Index Assessment and the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria. The Intake, ASI, and ASAM will be conducted on the day of admission so that a treatment plan can be created outlining the length of stay, goals, and discharge plans once detox is completed.

The 6 bed detoxification program accepts men only over the age of 18 years. The structured program operates with a 24-hour staff that is always awake and available. Our services include but not limited to blood pressure monitoring, nutritious meals, sanitized clean facility, mediation assistance, group counseling, and self-help meetings.


 Coloma Men’s Residential Facility

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(530) 626-7252
Open 24/7


Nestled in the heart of the Mother Lode of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range, close to the gold discovery sight of Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, El Dorado County is our Men’s Residential Facility. Located by the American River, this ranch style 28 bed residential home is devoted entirely to the alcohol and other drug treatment of men 18 years and older seeking recovery.

This is a live-in program that includes over 30-hours per week of structured program services. These services include group education, process sessions, individual counseling, life skills, and participation in support group programs. Room and board are included, as well as recreational activities. It is a 24-hour program staffed with a variety of professional counselors and trained peer support staff.

Garden Valley Women & Children’s Residential Facility

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(530) 333-9460
Open 24/7


Nestled in the heart of the Mother Lode of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range, this Progress House Women and Children’s Residential Program is five miles up the hill (elevation 1670′) from Sutter’s Mill in El Dorado County. This is a live-in residential program specializing in treatment of women, offering over 30 hours of structured treatment services. Garden Valley is licensed for 20 women accompanied by up to 10 of their minor children. Pregnant women are able to stay from conception to two months post partum. 

Garden Valley serves participants 18 years and older in a woman’s specific program. This structured program includes room and board, 24-hour supervision, group education and processing, individual counseling, childcare, and participation in self-help support groups. Additionally, this program offers specialty education in parenting, vocational rehabilitation, life skills, family group, and anger management. This program is wheelchair accessible.


Camino Women & Children’s Residential Facility

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(530) 644-3758
Open 24/7


This live-in Camino Women & Children Residential Program is located in El Dorado County at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains off Highway 50. The 3650′ elevation puts this program right at the snow line where they can enjoy all four seasons. This unique mountain setting offers five individual houses in this program licensed for 16 women, including pregnant and parenting women, who may be accompanied by their minor children. The average length of stay is from 30 days to six months, however, pregnant women are able to stay from conception until two months post partum.

The structured curriculum consists of individual and group counseling, life skills, parenting, recreation, vocational rehabilitation, and recovery tools. This program is structured with room and board, 24 hour supervision, and over 30 hours per week of mandatory participation in scheduled recovery activities.


Counseling Center

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(530) 642-1715
Open 8-5 Monday-Friday


Progress House Counseling Center is centrally located right on Highway 49 in the historic city of Placerville in El Dorado County. The facility is easily accessible by public transportation. Outpatient drug and alcohol services include multiple levels and intensity of services, including day and evening schedules with both group and individual sessions. The program offers intensive step down services, relapse prevention, anger management, parenting, and family services.
Our staff consists of a variety of professionals who understand those whose lives have been disrupted by a substance use disorder. As a person progresses, the frequency and type of counseling changes to meet their treatment needs.

Summit Counseling
Through the Counseling Center we are able to go into the El Dorado County jail to provide inmates education addressing alcohol and other drug treatment as well as anger management/domestic violence.

Transitional Living

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(530) 626-9240


Progress House Transitional Living Program is a program designed to offer individuals who are newly recovering a safe, supportive, sober living environment. Often, in early recovery, a safe place to live while continuing outpatient counseling and gaining further education and/or joining the workforce is extremely beneficial. The convenience of having a safe place to live while being supported and supporting others in a similar situation dramatically enhances the statistics for long-term sobriety.

We currently have five transitional living homes, three for men and two for women. The women may be accompanied by their minor children in transitional living. These are fully furnished residential homes that are shared by individuals practicing their new recovery skills. Residents attend outpatient services, participate in 12-step meetings and share in household chores while working or attending school.

Residents may stay in the transitional living program for up to one year. All of our homes are registered through California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP).

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