New Clients


You have taken a very important and courageous step forward in your life that will directly benefit you and your family.

This Guide Includes:

  • Progress House Background and Mission
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Client Rights, Responsibilities & Expectations
  • What to bring Checklist/ What not to bring
  • Simple House Rules

Background and Description

Established in 1973, Progress House Inc. has provided quality, comprehensive and compassionate substance use disorder treatment in Northern California. We currently offer a full continuum of care with a detoxification facility, four residential facilities, five sober living homes and outpatient counseling.  Our programs offer an evidence based, safe, and therapeutic environment in which clients and residents can focus on the education, treatment and skills needed to achieve recovery and overcome barriers to successful living. Each facility is licensed and certified by the California State Department of Health Care Services and staffed with professional, licensed counselors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the admission requirements to Progress House?


Women 18 years of age and older, pregnant, and currently using alcohol &/or other drugs will be eligible for priority admission. All other adults addicted to alcohol &/or other drugs will be admitted based on the availability of bed space.

***Progress House requires that all potential residents obtain 72 hours of sobriety prior to admission. Certain drugs and alcohol require entrance into a detox program to safely stop prior to admission into our facility.***

  • What about funding? What types of payment are accepted?


You and/or your referral source are responsible to obtain funding for your treatment. Progress House does not provide funding.

All fees are payable in full on admission or specific funders can be invoiced on a monthly basis. Any direct paid fees are non-refundable.

  • How long should I stay? What is recommended?


Our residential treatment program varies in length from 30 days to 9 months. The duration of your particular stay will be determined individually and is based on treatment needs as well as funding.

  • What happens on the first day/week?


The first 7 days at Progress House is an orientation time for you to get to know the facility, staff and program. You will complete various information forms with intake staff, undergo an assessment and an Individual Treatment Plan will be created with you. This plan will be reviewed during your stay in order to meet your specific goals.

  • What is the program like? What will I learn?


At Progress House your program will consist of individual sessions as well as group counseling where you will learn about addictions, pre/post-natal health, parenting, relapse-prevention and life skills.

  • Do I need money for extras?


You will need your own money for personal food items, deodorant, toothpaste etc. and if you smoke, cigarettes. Progress House will provide personal hygiene items for those who cannot afford them.

You are not permitted to borrow from or loan money to other clients and Progress House will not lend money to clients.

  • Can I have a cell phone? Will I have access to a phone? Can people call me?


Cell phones are not allowed at Progress House at any time. You will have access to a client phone for personal and business calls. Calls are limited to certain times, and you will establish your approved calling list during the development of your Individual Treatment Plan. This will be reviewed throughout your treatment period.

Staff will take phone messages for you BUT for your confidentiality, we will neither confirm nor deny if you are at Progress House.

  • Can I smoke? Use other tobacco products?


Yes, smoking is permitted (for clients over the age of 21) during scheduled break times only and at designated areas. There will be absolutely no smoking inside the facility. For your safety, each room is equipped with a smoke/fire detector.

Staff cannot and will not purchase cigarettes for clients.

You may not buy cigarettes for or give cigarettes to other clients.

Progress House does not permit vaping, chewing or any other form of tobacco use.

  • Can I have visits?


Yes. All visits must be arranged with and approved by your Counselor and/or Program Manager once the initial Blackout period is over.  We reserve the right to refuse visitors if we believe the visits will put your care/recovery, or that of other residents, at risk. You will establish your approved visitors list during the development of your Individual Treatment Plan, and it will be reviewed throughout your stay.

Your visitors are reminded that the visits will take place within a treatment facility; therefore, any visitors who are under the influence or the effects of alcohol or other drugs will be asked to leave the premises. This is for the health, welfare and safety of all staff and clients.

  • Can I receive mail?


Yes, the address will be provided to you on admission.

  • What can I be discharged for?


Progress House is a very individualized program and client discharge will also be considered on an individual basis. However, you may be discharged for intentional damage, use of alcohol and other drugs, theft, assault/sexual assault or behavior that endangers other clients and/or staff.

  • Am I required to take part in all daily activities?


Yes, unless you have been excused by your primary counselor.

  • Will I have a private room?


No. All bedrooms in the facility are shared.

  • Are random drug/alcohol tests performed?


Yes, a baseline alcohol/drug test may be completed on admission and we reserve the right to do random alcohol/drug testing at any time throughout your program. Many clients utilize the results of the drug screens to meet the requirements of the court, CPS etc.

  • Do clients have free time? Can I get a pass to go out during free time?


Clients are permitted to attend outside support meetings at various times and special events and functions throughout the year. Individual passes are permitted for clients after they enter Phase II.

  • What happens when I graduate Progress House?


Discharge planning begins upon admission to Progress House, and those plans will be included in each clients Individualized Treatment Plan. Clients from outside the area will be referred to support programs and organizations in the community they choose to reside in after treatment. You will participate in the development of your plan to assist you in your transition back to your home community.

What to Bring With You 

Limited storage space is available, so please keep personal belongings to a minimum. All client belongings, including vehicles, will be searched at intake.j

Under NO circumstances are alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia or weapons allowed on Progress House property.

We cannot accept responsibility for any personal property lost, mislaid, stolen or damaged, which you have not given over for safekeeping.

***For Perinatal Clients Only***

Please bring Proof of Pregnancy and/or Proof of Birth 

Please Remember to Bring:

  • Medi-Cal Information & Card (If Applicable)
  • Current TB Test
  • ID Driver’s License, Identification Card, or other photo ID.
  • Bankcard
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Postage Stamps
  • Female Clients – Sanitary Pads or Napkins, NO TAMPONS

Suggested Clothing List (please use this as a packing checklist)

    • Jeans/pants/shorts
    • Shirts – no bare midriff is allowed
    • Undergarments – brazier, underwear, socks, etc.
    • Sweatshirts or sweaters
    • Coat/jacket
    • Seasonally appropriate outer wear including boots, coat, hat for winter
    • Shoes – such as sneakers, slippers, sandals. You will be required to wear something on your feet at all times
    • Pajamas or Sweats & Bathrobe You will be required to wear pajamas/sweats to bed
    • Bathing suit
    • Fitness/Exercise clothing


Allowable Personal Hygiene Products

  • Towel for shower, washcloth – Progress House will provide if needed
  • Soaps, lotions, & shampoo
  • Razors
  • Deodorant
  • Hair Gel

Medications (Please bring a minimum of a 30 day supply of medications with refills)

  • Only bring prescription medications you are currently taking under doctor’s supervision
  • All medications/prescriptions must be turned over to Progress House staff on admission
  • Prescription medications must be in the original pharmacy container with your name on the prescription label – any medications that do not have your name on the bottle will be disposed of  
  • Any over the counter medications, if they are approved, must be stored with your prescription medications
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Address book
  • Recovery based books
  • Photos
  • Journal/Notebook/Stationary
  • Mp3 player (with no internet access), CD player (with earphones) Music with excessive profanity will not be permitted
  • Please DO NOT Bring:
  • Clothing sexually suggestive or revealing, or suggestive of alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.
  • Cell phone
  • Electronics like laptop, iPad/iTouch, portable TV, stereo, video games, etc
  • Tobacco products with alcohol dipped flavors
  • Vaping products of any kind
  • Mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Highly scented toiletries
  • Aerosols of any sort
  • Weapons, including pocket knives
  • Valuable items/jewelry

General Client Facility Rules

  • Treat all residents & staff with respect
  • To respect personal privacy, you are not permitted in other client rooms without permission
  • Participate in the development of your Individual Treatment Plan and meet with your counselor on a regular basis
  • Be on time and be prepared for group & individual counseling sessions
  • Assume responsibility for your personal health & hygiene
  • Share responsibility in maintaining common areas of the facility
  • Assume responsibility for your personal property
  • Abstain from possessing/using alcohol or illegal drugs
  • No smoking anywhere within the building
  • Follow “Wake-up & Lights Out” guidelines


Client Rights

You have:

  • The right to be accorded dignity in personal relationships with staff and other individuals. The right to be free from intellectual, emotional and or physical abuse
  • The right to be accorded safe, healthful, and comfortable accommodations, furnishings and equipment to meet your needs
  • If you leave personal property behind when you leave the program, the personal property will be stored for 30 days only. The program will not be responsible for theft, damage or loss of that property
  • The right to be free to attend religious services or activities of your choice, in or outside the facility, and to have visits from spiritual advisers of your choice.
  • The right to be provided confidentiality in accordance with Federal Regulations 9 Title 42, Section 2.1 through 2.67-1
  • The right to be informed of the provisions of the law regarding complaints including, but not limited to, the address and telephone number of the licensing agency
  • The right to not be discriminated against on the basis of ethnic group identification, race, color, handicap, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, physical/mental impairment, national origin, religion, sex or age
  • The right to be accorded access to your file